6 Reasons Why Blogging Can Be So Difficult to Start: Part 1 First Steps

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Blogging Guide: Why something so seemingly easy can be hard.

New blog-preneurs might need help with the blogging process. Thankfully, we live in a time when it’s easy to start writing blog articles.

  1. There are many blogging platforms to choose from.
  2. Many blog platforms have free and paid options.
  3. We can get help with the technology if we need it.

With any tool, we have to think what we want to do with it to achieve our goal. Here are some reasons why creating blog content is tricky for blogging newbies. We’ll give you some suggestions to overcome hurdles.

Personal Vs Private Blog Topics

One of the biggest worries blog authors have is spending time and energy on new blog post ideas readers won’t like. In public blogs, we also have to sprinkle our posts with some personal details. This helps us connect with new readers and create a greater sense of loyalty.

As a blogger in a big company, we might not need to get too personal. Our company will give us any “story” related to its own product or service.

A brand-new entrepreneur doesn’t have the name recognition or an established brand to fall back on. A way to compensate is to tell our story to our audience to let them get to know us. This will let people know who we are and hopefully create a sense of loyalty.

But how much should we share?

Let Our Solution Be Our Guide

One surefire way to find the right balance is keep coming back to the solution you provide. Also, “Starting with Why” is important to staying focused.

The personal story that we tell about ourselves through our blogs should focus on our life experiences and passions. Customers will value what we offer them more if our message also touches their heart. It might be the difference that cements their sense of loyalty to our brand.

Focusing on our “Why” can also curb the tendency to overshare, or tell too many details that might bore some readers.

Admit Our Failures. Show the Steps to Success

A common blog mistake is to forget to show a blog audience that we’ve made missteps along the way to writing a great blog. Readers want to read about real people. It helps them see how they can apply these ideas to their own lives.

When we have achieved some level of success, we can then show them the steps to that success. This happens over time. Readers will delight in our journey as we occasionally stumble and in the end fly to success. This is the most engaging story of all.

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