6 Reasons Why Blogging Can Be Difficult: Part 4 – Avoiding Perfectionism

Blogging Guide: The Perfectionism Trap

Sometimes having a bit of knowledge can be a detriment. Beginning bloggers can be unaware how messy the blogging process can be.

Too Clean and Tidy

Imagine what the workshop of a productive artist looks like. There will always be some splotches on tables and chairs. These marks are a sign that work is happening. The best quality of work will always end up creating a bit of mess.

If our end goal is to write a blogging article, we can’t be too precious about starting with our blogging journey. Having high standards doesn’t mean everything has to be perfect.

“I Want All the Tools!”

We don’t know what tools we will need for success until we take actual steps towards our different goals. Sometimes, a fear of failure will incite us to accumulate lots of apps, hardware and supplies that we think we might need. But this way of thinking leads to lots of unmet goals, and drawers filled with unused tools. It’s better to use what we already have and get only what we really need, when we need it.

We want the best ideas

The writing process can be the hardest if bloggers expect a piece to be perfectly creative from the start. Having high expectations is great, but the beginning of art sometimes seems a bit rough around the edges. There is a saying that before a sculptor starts chipping away at the stone, they imagine the final piece. Then all they have to do is remove the parts that are not part of the final image in their minds.

This analogy might be a bit simplistic with writing because it is more abstract, but the basic premise is there. We all have an internal principal or feeling that we can use to guide us. We can develop our writing, and over time creating something that will reflect that feeling we want to express.

Let ideas blossom in the beginning

This is why during the creative process it’s important to leave room for mess and deconstruction at the beginning stage. We will find our way eventually if we stay focused on the initial feeling. Remember to take action every day, no matter how small, to develop your idea in the real world. Be open to new paths that might take you where you least expect it. 

Set your “lemonade stand” where people will see it

You should plan to sell your ideas or products from the start. Once you have the seed of an idea, present it in a forum where it can be appreciated. If we can disconnect our ego a bit, by putting our idea out there we can save time, money and energy. We’ll also be able to pivot if our first idea doesn’t work. Remember that the path you end up taking might not be the one you first planned to take. Be open to feedback from your audience and you will gain rich rewards and a clearer path to your goals.


  1. Don’t be afraid of mess. It’s a sign you’re making progress.
  2. Use the tools you actually need, when you need them.
  3. The best ideas need to be nurtured. They take time.
  4. Don’t be afraid to show others what you have developed. Their feedback is crucial to your growth.

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